Released April 25, 2017!

NOMINATED for best Contemporary Instrumental Album of 2017 by ZMR broadcasters worldwide!

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Quotes from reviews:


"What We Hold Dear is another fine example of the very best of contemporary instrumental music. It’s an album rich in colorful performances and composition. The creative mastery with which this album has been brought into life is blissful to behold, and on this new offering Timothy Wenzel has manifested a piece for every mood, for every emotion, in times past, present and future…" -One World Music Radio


"There has often been a laconic beauty to Wenzel’s compositions. They’re chamber miniatures within the progrock/New Age genre and thus the sometimes lush, sometimes spare atmospheres dripping with Romanticism and gentle gravity. Dear is not so much what it might seem to portend, a response to the onrushing calamities of global climate change, but rather entertains what lies athwart that: loss, the sudden departure of precious elements within our lives. The moody ambiences of Dear harken us back to thoughtfulness, to contemplations of both the larger picture and of that we hold most intimate." - Veritas Vampirus / Mark Tucker

"What We Hold Dear has started zooming up the charts, and rightly so! It is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!" -Kathy Parsons


 "Beautiful keyboards emerge out of the silence in this latest album from the renowned Timothy Wenzel...   Throughout the album, the weeping of the violin adds a delicious mystique to many of the pieces, almost a gypsy-like tone to several others. Once again an album full of inspiration." - Janet Mawdesley

"Often simultaneously evocative of the ancient British Isles and rural North America, What We Hold Dear is another satisfying offering from Timothy Wenzel that will appeal to many fans of Celtic, new age and contemporary instrumental music… his musical outputs are consistently lovely, always lending comfort, joy and peace with every listening experience!” -Journeyscapes Radio Blog and Review

"As one listens to the album, whatever resistance one might have to the New Age label should be put on hold: New Age it might be, but What We Hold Dear is also music of sophistication, deep feeling, and genuine character.” -Textura

"Wenzel uses his main instrument, piano, to set up the melodies in most of his tunes, and then he uses synthesizer to call up a wealth of other instrument sounds… Then he brings in violinist Josie Quick on ten of the twelve pieces, and cellist Jordan Schug on six tunes… Granted Quick contributes more lead lines and up-front sounds than Schug, but both add a richness and depth to the music… Wenzel has a knack for creating appealing new age-styled music. If you like new age music, grab this one.” -Magle International Music Forums

"Talk about music that makes a stunning visual impact! Wenzel reaches back for the vibe and sound that broke Windham Hill open into a mass market phenom as he ventures this time into the sound and feelings that comes about in the aftermath of upheaval when you see that what matters and that what counts is intact. A well textured outing that gives you a feeling of calm after the upheaval passes, this is a smart work that feeling people will have room for in their collections. Tasty stuff from a keyboard ace that is not noodling around.” -Midwest Record

"…I have found over the years that ironically music without words has more depth and soul than most music with so-called meaningful lyrics. Timothy solidly backs that statement with 12 tracks that capture you in the triangle of life - mind, body and soul. His keyboards lead the way while Josie and Jordan provide an excellent layer of exquisiteness. As with most music of this sort it has a strong foundation in classical that carves a path to other inroads, which becomes the contemporary new age instrumental sound that is the final product…. Like a road to your destiny… can change with one listen to this music. There is a rhythm and cadence to each track that breathes life into a room. It is like a heartbeat you cannot physically hear or touch but you know it’s there pumping and giving you what you need.
" -Zone Music Reporter New Age Reviews

"A new album by pianist and synthesist Timothy Wenzel is always a treat because it is instrumental new age music at its finest. His new recording, What We Hold Dear, is no exception… This is beautiful music." 

-EM Portal

"…Timothy Wenzel is a former scientist who has become an iconic keyboardist for New Age music…. In "What we hold dear" Wenzel joins with several special guests - violinist Josie Quick (she also appeared in his last album), cellist Jordan Schug and singer Sarah Joerz… There is always a visual element within Wenzel's music that is often inspired by dreams, films, stories and landscapes of nature." -Yoga Sin Frontera  (translated from Spanish)