Follow The River_

Mary Ingles was 23 and pregnant with her third child when Shawnee Indians attacked her settlement in 1755, kidnapped her and massacred most of the rest. They took her 1000 miles down several rivers to their settlement in Ohio. After her child was born, Mary did the unthinkable: she left behind her child and escaped with virtually nothing. Except a photographic memory of the route along which she had been taken.

Following the rivers, ever mindful of pursuers, she was always on the edge of starvation in this pristine wilderness. She risked everything to return to the ones she loved. Song Cover Art

This song is a dedication to her spirit, and to the West Virginia wilderness through which she fled.

Based on the true story: “Follow the River”, by James Alexander Thom.

Cover art/photo: Timothy (The Gauley River in West Virginia on a cold winter day).




Follow where the river flows in September
Far away from home
Close your eyes but never fail to remember
You will never be alone...

A cold wind blows, with burning toes, you shiver
A thousand miles alone
As darkness falls, you'll know, to follow the river
Let it take you home...


Let it take you home!