We Walk Together

This song was born almost a year ago under sad circumstances. That evening I learned that my brother and closest friend Christopher was diagnosed with incurable liver cancer. They gave him 2 months at best. I felt like I never had in my life: clutching blackness, feverish anger, insurmountable anguish. I couldn't move, I just lay alone in the darkness. At around 2 AM I could not stand any more so I went to my keyboard and poured out my soul, every last drop of it. The keyboard was literally wet with tears by the time I finished. Exhausted, I could do no more. I could not even listen to the song again without crying.

Later that fall, during our unsuccessful search for treatment, I re-discovered the song on my laptop while dozing in some nameless hospital. It was not in very good shape, badly needing mixing and percussion.song cover art So I sent it to my good friend Lenny Levash (who knew what was going on in my life) and he agreed to add percussion and mix it. Which he did, and did wonderfully.

The song art is from a photo I took one evening that summer. It is of Lake Michigan, taken as my brother and I strolled the beach with our cameras (as we often did).

The song seems to be a proper tribute to brothers, sisters and friends everywhere who share heavy burdens among them, and in doing so make them more bearable. Forever may We Walk Together.