Album Overview

Comprising twelve instrumental selections, the album Distant Horseman is conceptually both a spiritual and a seasonal journey. It begins with introspective and hauntingly beautiful songs such as the Appalachian-tinged A Bend in the River and the Celtic-influenced title song, Distant Horseman. A Night So Cold continues the winter theme, having been actually written on a such a night. The emotional turning point comes with Forgiven, a deeply-inspired orchestral revelation, which leads into the joyful and spring-like Colors Dancing. A series of three love songs follow, including the charming Ecstasy Eyes and the lively 3/4-time Summer’s Dance. The lilting and joyous finale is Luminous Wake, Starlit Sea.

album art

The songs represent an introspective and allegorical journey, a pondering of what lies beyond the bend in the river. To me the emphasis is on transformation. The uncertainties, the resolution and strengthening of spirit, the journey through the darker parts of our lives and finally the emergence of spirit, cleansed and re-born. But each step along the way is necessary to create such a profound journey.

Josie Quick joins me as a

special guest violinist. She is a member of the progressive groups Perpetual Motion, The Coyote Poets of the Universe and the Frontera String Quartet, and a teacher at the esteemed Swallow Hill Music Association in Colorado.


Talented Brazilian artist and friend Edson Moraes designed the exquisite cover art specifically for this album. Thank you Edson!



Corin Nelsen mastered the album with his usual keen ears and calm competence. Thanks for another great session Corin!