Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis is the 12th and last song on the album "Mountains Take Wing". It is also the oldest song on the album - although it has morphed with time. The song arose in part from a simple question I put to the child of a friend as we looked up at the stars at night: what if the stars could sing? He shrugged his shoulders and wandered on. To my surprise, I heard them - not really of course but it was a startling revelation.Song Title Then one night while walking along the frozen Yukon River in Alaska in February (I volunteered to help with a dog sled race and got the night shift), freeeezing cold (-45 F), I was treated to an especially brilliant display of the Northern Lights. It was a symphony of light and color. I watched in awe and I heard that symphony - with it's heavenly vocals. To this day it tingles my spine.

When I arrived home with the memory still fresh in my mind, I started to play what I had felt and it quickly built into a song. To me, it represents what touched my spirit that cold evening alone on the Yukon River.