Christopher's Dreams

This is the 10th song on the CD "Mountains Take Wing". The meaning of this song was clear to me from the first notes. It was nearing Christmas and all the excitement of the holidays came back to me, especially memories of when I was very young. Magic. This whimsical song is about pure fantasy and magic. Anything can happen as long as it is magical and lovely. The use of bells underscores the holiday magic in the song. A vocal version of this song is underway at this time and will be released at my Facebook site.


00:21 New fallen snow on the frozen pondSong Title
I wonder where the summer has gone?
I cast my lot with those who dream
Brothers and sisters and magical beings

00:41 Bells that ring in the darkest of night
Swirling songs and sparkles of light
With polar bears Who dance in the squares
And Elves that take flight Like spirits of light

1:02 min, instrumental interlude

1:22 Come to me now to hold and to keep
Come to me now as I fall into sleep

1:43 Oh what I feel, I fall to my knees
Oh what I feel, pastel ghosts touching me

(1:43) Oh what I see, colored rings round the trees
Oh what I see, sparkling lights touch the sea,

(2:03) Oh how I feel, my dreams are of flight
Dreams take us home on this sacred night
(2:24) Dreams take us home
take us home on this sacred,night
Dreams take us home
take us home on this sacred,night
Take us home, take us home , take us home
on this sacred, magic night...