Coyote Floe

The 8th song on the CD “Mountains Take Wing” has a somewhat unusual origin – as you might guess from the name. I was exploring the basic chord structure of this song for the first time, when a friend posted an article on my Wall. It told the story of what appeared to be a dog adrift on a small ice floe in southern Lake Michigan,Song Title but it turned out to be a female coyote when the rescuers came to investigate. Nevertheless, they expertly netted her and she eagerly consented to come aboard the ship. After an exam and a little TLC at the local animal shelter, she was released unharmed by her harrowing experience.

The photo of the coyote particularly struck me: alone and adrift (perhaps I can identify with that feeling). In any case, the song began to take shape as I thought about her. It unfolds quietly, with a sense of gentle loneliness, but ends triumphantly.