Winter Star

Winter Star is the 11th song on the CD "Mountains Take Wing". It is an older song of mine, written in the depths of winter. It celebrates the night sky during that season, with it's familiar constellations such as Orion, Gemini, and the Pleiades and of course the brightest star in the sky: Sirius. It is a simple, joyful song. But later it became a love song, when a friend of mine asked to sing it, but I had no lyrics. So for the second time in my life, I wrote lyrics. To this day I have no idea where they came from but they delighted my friend and we ended up with a very nice song.


Peace: come to me
A love that cannot beSong Title
There's a hole in me, twas left by you
The ice and snow are blowing through

I see you nightly, Winter Star
You'll never know how close you are
You sting my skin, my face, my chin
From the cold I come so let me in -

Happy with me
Be happy with me
My love for you will be
An endless sea - you are

My lovely Winter Star
My Winter Light
Its under you
I lie tonight...
Come inside my winter star
Warm your hands beside my fire
Take off your clothes and come with me
My bed is warm, set me free