News Flash #62 (05/08/2019)

Fast forward (apologies for the lack of news, I am so negligent). Running Away hit #1 in the worldwide airplay chart by ZMR for February AND March!! I am stunned and delighted.



News Flash #61 (09/13/2018)

Today we unveil the album art by Daniel Bérard


News Flash #60 (08/01/2018)

The name of the new album will be Running Away. It will be my seventh instrumental album. Release date will be towards the end of this year. I will keep you updated. I am extremely excited about these new songs and the renowned artists who have joined me to make this a reality!


News Flash #59 (07/31/2018)

New album update: English Horn and oboe recording has been finished (Jill Haley artist, Corin Nelsen co-producer, engineer). Violin recording is in progress (Josie Quick).


News Flash #58 (02/27/2018)

Album update "What We Hold Dear" was NOMINATED for best Contemporary Instrumental Album of 2017 by ZMR broadcasters worldwide!! The winner will be announced May 12 at the annual ZMR concert. 


News Flash #57 (10/21/2017)

Album update "What We Hold Dear" was submitted and accepted for consideration in the Grammy category New Age album!


News Flash #56 (07/01/2017)

Album update "What We Hold Dear" hit #2 in the Zone Music Reporter aggregate international Radio Airplay Chart for the month of May!!


News Flash #55 (05/26/2017)

Album update "What We Hold Dear" is off to a great start, hitting #6 on Gaia Radio and #11 on One World Music Radio for the month of May!


News Flash #54 (05/26/2017)

Oh my!! Look how long it has been since I updated the news! I had been so busy preparing the new album for release. Anyway, the release was tense because the CD production company ran way behind schedule, but in the end we made the April 25 date!


News Flash #53 (01/29/2017)

Cello recording session with cellist Jordan Schug and renowned engineer Corin Nelsen now complete.



News Flash #52 (01/26/2017)

Cello and violin are now being recorded for the new album, What We Hold Dear. Release is scheduled for Mar-Apr 2017.


News Flash #51 (10/07/2016)

Tentative release for album number six is January 2017. Stay tuned.


News Flash #50 (09/15/2016)

I am currently working on my first album with vocals, with Anne Cozean. It will be released in late October as a 5-song CD at a special price. Downloads will be available at the usual places.


News Flash #49 (08/04/2016)

Lots of drafts of new songs can be heard on Bandcamp



News Flash #48 (08/04/2016)

Interested in joining Team Tim as I write new songs and seek comments? Be part of the experience - check out my Facebook page regularly (link on right side).


News Flash #47 (08/04/2016)

Work on the sixth album is coming along fine. Although the song writing seems unpredictable, the mindsets are very interesting.


News Flash #46 (04/28/2016)

Distant Horseman soared to #3 on the international ZMR radio play chart!


News Flash #45 (04/20/2016)

Distant Horseman made the top 100 in the March One World Radio charts. For April, it set a record, climbing from #98 to #8.


News Flash #44 (04/18/2016)

Distant Horseman, after only a few days of airplay in February, placed #17 in the international Zone Music Reporter LINK


News Flash #43 (02/18/2016)

Official release date for Distant Horseman is February 19, 2016!

CDs will be available first at Amazon and CD Baby


News Flash #42 (01/16/2016)

Songs for the new album Distant Horseman go to the mastering engineer on January 26. Deadline set, pressure is on!


News Flash #41 (01/06/2016)

Summon the Wind finished #24 for airplay in 2015, out of 2100 albums considered.


News Flash #40 (01/06/2016)

The search for a violinist has been successful. Josie Quick has finished all her tracks for the new album and I am currently doing the final mixing. I am hoping for a February release!


News Flash #39 (10/18/2015)

Oops. I have been lax on updating this! The new album is in the advanced mixing stage. It will be called "Distant Horseman" and is scheduled for release in January 2016. Here is an early draft of the cover (commissioned artwork from Edson Moraes of Brazil). More updates soon, and some previews of the songs!

Distant Horsemean CD cover

News Flash #38 (03/16/2015)

Summon the Wind climbed to #11 in the top 50 chart for One World Music.


News Flash #37 (03/12/2015)

Summon the Wind has been nominated as Best Piano with Instrumentation Album for 2014 by One World Music!


News Flash #36 (03/03/2015)

New, unreleased song drafts have been posted at Check them out!!


News Flash #35 (02/13/2015)

New, unreleased music as a music video! "A Night So Cold"

news video release

News Flash #34 (02/02/2015)

Oops, with all the busyness of the album release I forgot to update the news. All CDs have been shipped and all electronic albums have been sent out in early January and are available now. Plays have been good on the radio stations/programs that feature this genre. I am pleased to see that almost ALL of the songs have been featured! Something for everyone :-) If you have any comments please drop me a line, either here or on my Facebook page (see link in sidebar). I'd love to hear from you!

News Flash #33 (12-16-2014)

The CD manufacturer and the music production companies presented this plaque.

summon the wind plaque

News Flash #32 (12-3-2014)

The CD is now available at Amazon and CD Baby. Distribution to other stores is underway.

News Flash #31 (11-30-2014)

Here it is!

cd photo

NEWS FLASH #30 (11-30-2014)

Digital distribution is nearly complete. Full album downloads available at Amazon and CD Baby. iTunes is a little slow...

NEWS FLASH #29 (11-12-2014)

All twelve songs for the next album are fully mixed and are now in the hands of the master(ing engineer), Corin Nelsen.

NEWS FLASH #28 (11-10-2014)


1¢ postage to anywhere in the world if you order from the primary distributor CD Baby *DEC 1-3 ONLY*

  As always, you get the lowest prices AND additional copies at a 20% discount!

NEWS FLASH #27 (11-6-2014)

Latest music video: Mariner's Lament  

from the new album Summon the Wind

NEWS FLASH #26 (10-9-2014)

Six of the twelve songs for the upcoming album are now fully mixed. Hopefully the rest will be finished in a week!

NEWS FLASH #25 (9-19-2014)

Latest music video: Peace to My Lady (ver 2)

NEWS FLASH #24 (8-31-2014)

Latest music video: Summon the Wind Preview

NEWS FLASH #23 (8-31-2014)

The release date for the fourth album "Summon the Wind" has been set for December 2014.

NEWS FLASH #22 (7-21-2014)

Most of the twelve songs for the fourth album have been selected. The tentative name of the album is "Summon The Wind". A playlist will be posted when the final decision is made.

NEWS FLASH #21 (6-5-2014)

The latest music video is Spellbound!

NEWS FLASH #20 (5-22-2014)

The latest music video is Mountains Take Wing!

NEWS FLASH #19 (3-25-14)

The latest album, "River Serene", charted at #10 in worldwide New Age airplay in February (Zone Music Reporter)

NEWS FLASH #18 (2-26-14)

The album "A Coalescence of Dreams" finished #26 (out of 2300 albums played during the year!) in the international chart, the Top 100 New Age Albums of 2013 (Zone Music Reporter).

NEWS FLASH #17 (2-25-14)

The latest album, "River Serene", soared to #7 in the worldwide New Age music charts for January (Zone Music Reporter)

NEWS FLASH #16 (1-27-14)

My latest song "The Crystal Man" is now a video!


NEWS FLASH #15 (12-18-13)

The CD "River Serene" is now available in limited quantities at CD Baby and It will be available in the other stores by January 2014.

NEWS FLASH #14 (12-9-13)

Album number three, "River Serene", is now available for download only at the usual online stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)

NEWS FLASH #13 (11-13-13)

The release of album number three, "River Serene", will likely be in early December due to production issues.

NEWS FLASH #12 (9-14-13)

Album number three. "River Serene", will be released this November. Just in time for the holidays! It will comprise twelve carefully choreographed songs, with enough variety to keep you fully engaged without departing significantly from the theme of serenity. For previews of a few go to the Listen page. The song list will be published later this month.


NEWS FLASH #11 (9-1-13)

"A Coalescence of Dreams" was #45 on the New Age airplay charts for July - after SEVEN months on the air.


NEWS FLASH #10 (5-1-13)

"A Coalescence of Dreams" was #8 on the airplay charts for March at the Zone Music Reporter! 


NEWS FLASH #9 (4-15-13)

"Rain Coming Down" was nominated for the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards (to be held November 23, 2013 in Hollywood, CA).


  HMMA jpg


NEWS FLASH #8 (3-25-13)

"A Coalescence of Dreams" was #6 on the airplay charts for February at the Zone Music Reporter!





NEWS FLASH #7 (12-2-12)

"Mountains Take Wing" was selected as a New Age Music Album of the Year for 2012, by New Age Music Reviews, a highly visible premier website for New Age music. album titleOnly 10 of the nearly 200 albums reviewed received this distinction! Hip hip, HOORAY!




NEWS FLASH #6 (11-22-12)

Two songs were nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for 2012: Mountains Take Wing and Desert Dream (Sarah Gurr vocals). Although the songs did not win (out of a field of 18) the event was enjoyable and productive. Here is one of the official photos taken on the red carpet entrance (with Sarah Gurr):

2012 HMMA photo

and outside the historic Fonda Theater:

HMMA photo



NEWS FLASH #5 (10-1-12)

The release date for CD album #2 "A Coalescence of Dreams" has been set: October 18! It should be available for immediate download or purchase from CD Baby. It will be available in other stores later - timing depends on the particular vendor.


CD album cover #2




NEWS FLASH #4 (9-18-12)

The song list for album #2 has been finalized. See "Home" for details!


NEWS FLASH #3 (8-15-12)

We have 2993 "Likes" on our Facebook page. Who will be number 3000?


NEWS FLASH #2 (8-14-12)

My second CD is in the planning stages. The tentative plaAlbum Titleylist is posted on my homepage and I am looking for more suggestions.