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The smoothness of texture that can be found in a Timothy Wenzel release grows with each passing album, its blossoms with the sun of a new spring morning and it is that very journey through calmness and serenity we travel now, with this brand new and beautiful release entitled Running Away.
Timothy Wenzel is a master of creating layer upon layer of sublime and calming music, with the upbeat start of Dream of Summer, to the dreamy melody of Dancing in the Darkness and more, each track, each composition of a Wenzel release is something to truly look forward to, like the title header Running Away, which is a fine example of the artists skill of manifesting a narrative within music that is riveting and packed with style and class.
Wenzel is also eager to open musical pathways and corridors that contain something different inside, like the entertaining and dream inspired Magical Pageant, one of my personal favourites, and then the one that really is my life story called, Breaking Free, a composition based on starting again and breaking the chains of all that bind you from making that change.
The album contains twelve sparkling tracks all with a distinct mood of their own; each and every piece has a story to tell, it is produced and performed with both a delightful sense of colour and a level of professionalism that is so nice to listen too. The album also contains added instrumentation from violist Josie Quick, percussive genius of Jeff Haynes and the charming tones of Jill Haley on English horn and oboe.
Running Away is another top class release from the scientist musician who originated from Michigan; and may well be his most successful offering to date; it is filled with enticing and exciting compositions that does the contemporary instrumental field well, and the sublime fluency and charm of this album will no doubt capture your imagination, and take you willingly along for another magical musical ride.

The Smooth Jazz Ride

Another exercise in the beauty of new age music comes from one of the 21st century’s truly talented and prolific keyboardists/pianists Timothy Wenzel. His latest release Running Away is chock full of charming melodies and runs that are bound to steal your heart and soul in their breathtaking delivery.

Some in the c-jazz world may ask, “So, who is Timothy Wenzel?” Briefly, this American-born artist has written and performed a great deal of electro-acoustic Contemporary Instrumental/New Age/Celtic music since 2012. His debut album, Mountains Take Wing was selected as a Best New Age Album of 2012 by New Age Music World. His second album, A Coalescence of Dreams (October 2012) received widespread airplay and acclaim, climbing to #6 in the international radio airplay chart by Zone Music Reporter in 2013. His third album, River Serene, also jumped into the top 10 at ZMR. His fourth album, Summon the Wind, was released November 20, 2014 and reached #6 on the international ZMR charts. His fifth album Distant Horseman was released in February 2016 and immediately rose to #3 on the ZMR charts.

This latest release is sure to find its way high up on the charts, as well, I predict. Its reach, its tenderness, and its handsome collection of melodies simply refuse to be denied attention.

You will hear piano, string, and horn mixes that will find you hitting “repeat” on your player time and again, just to hold on to the deliciously enchanting music that will surely embrace you.

Tracks of note are the tittle track, the lead track “Dream of Summer,” “Makes You Wonder” with its most expressive violin lines, and simply too many others to name here on this 12-track work of art. Settle back and drink in all of the majesty of this one.

Midwest Record

Once again tackling a theme without using words, Wenzel looks at the fantasy of just saying ‘screw it' and running away to start a new life---and sonically he hit's the nail on the head again as he's done with his past impressionistic efforts. Giving them a depth that moves it from being purely new age to a new plateau of contemporary instrumental music that doesn't quite reside in any particular genre, he serves up a date that's a great listening experience. Kind of in the pocket of when Windham Hill started making meatier records, this is a date that will feel like it's speaking to you and only you. Well done.