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Timothy Wenzel is one those composers that go beyond the boundaries of known genres. His recent album Dusk to Diamonds is a convergence of New Age, contemporary, and cinematic themes that results in an absorbing aural experience. Every one of these dozen tracks has a light, delicate touch that seems to ease into the cracks of the broken spirit and fill them with comfort. When Wenzel plays, the fantastic journey is assured... 

Timothy Wenzel has eight other albums that are just as freeing and pleasing. He likes the cold of night, the beauty of nature, and the hidden realm of the fantastic. Every one of his albums are infused with introspective themes and stunning soundscapes. Listening to this album is like buying a ticket to a new & improved tomorrow. I’ll take two, please. - RJ Lannan 

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When praising an exciting and well-written book, we often say that it “instantly connects with the reader” and that “you simply cannot put the book down”. Listening to Timothy Wenzel’s new album “Distant Horseman”, it is obvious to me that the same goes for music. From the very first note Wenzel creates a world of harmonies, stories and life. You just don’t want to turn it off. You have to find out how it ends, it is that good. - BT Fasmer


Voted #1 for April 2021 by broadcasters worldwide as posted by the ZMR international play chart for April!

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