Running Away


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Running Away is Timothy’s seventh album, comprising twelve tracks of beautiful music ranging from soft and Celtic to more energetic themes. The genre is not just New Age, but rather encompasses Celtic, Americana and Contemporary Instrumental.

Although ideal for meditation and background music, it is meant to be an interactive album. Thus it engages and opens the mind and spirit to different feelings and visions with each song. Listeners have also said that Timothy’s albums are perfect for traveling, especially in cars or trains, offering the ideal soundtrack for each new scene.





"Another exercise in the beauty of new age music comes from one of the 21st century’s truly talented and prolific keyboardists/pianists Timothy Wenzel. His latest release Running Away is chock full of charming melodies and runs that are bound to steal your heart and soul in their breathtaking delivery." Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride.


"Running Away is another top class release from the scientist musician who originated from Michigan; and may well be his most successful offering to date; it is filled with enticing and exciting compositions that does the contemporary instrumental field well, and the sublime fluency and charm of this album will no doubt capture your imagination, and take you willingly along for another magical musical ride." Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio.


"Already one of my favorite contemporary instrumental albums of the year, Running Away is a fantastic musical direction for Timothy Wenzel that remains true to his familiar sound." Candice Michelle, Aural Awakenings.


"Dream of Summer introduced by Josie Quick on violin begins this delicious new album from Timothy Wenzel, Running Away, a piece which sets the scene to ‘run away’ from the cares of everyday life, if only for a while. Each of the songs is vastly different, presenting a wide range of influences..." Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews.


"Giving it a depth that moves it from being purely new age to a new plateau of contemporary instrumental music that doesn't quite reside in any particular genre, he serves up a date that's a great listening experience." Midwest Record


"With a unique sound that seeks out beauty and magic, keyboardist, composer, arranger and producer Timothy Wenzel introduces his new album Running Away, in which he continues to prove himself to be one of the most distinguished of New Age musicians... With simple but touching melodies, Running Away at times suggests a leap to medieval music, with a rhythm that takes us back to a more deliberate, straightforward, less disorienting time than the present, with simple, beautiful harmonies that reflect a calm and ordered world." Pablo Rego, Yoga Without Limits


"In addition to the new age and contemporary instrumental genres, Wenzel’s music has strong Celtic and Americana influences. Although it serves its purpose well as meditation and background music, the album should be savored at least a few times with full attention to enjoy the stories it tells as well as the beauty and nuances in the music... Timothy Wenzel has created another exceptional album with Running Away! It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby."  Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano



"What I love in the album is that it is a package–all the tracks are not of one genre, and you get a taste of various instruments, moods, and styles... A perfect collection of tracks for traveling and driving, and equally evocative for meditation and relaxation, ‘Running Away’ is must-have for a genuine music lover, and I congratulate the artists for being the channels to deliver such a wonderful sonic experience!" Vivek Kumar, 2indya


"It took me two full listens through the dozen sonic marvels offered up for your aural enjoyment to choose the closer, “Coronal Rain“, as my personal favorite… Timothy weaves synth voices with a sensitivity and creativity that many other artists can only hope to achieve. If any song merits an award – it IS this one!

I give Timothy and his fellow players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this most memorable sonic journey." DIck Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews


"We have known for years that Timothy Wenzel writes great instrumental melodies, and is a strong pianist, electronic keyboardist and synthesist. But on his new album, RUNNING AWAY, he demonstrates how good he has gotten as a producer and arranger. He brings in three guest musicians and the interplay is stunning." Gena, Zone Music Reporter


"Timothy does a phenomenal job with a combination of keyboards, synthesizers, compositions, and production. Friends Josie Quick (violin), Jeff Haynes (percussion) and Jill Haley (English horn and oboe) make their mark on the compositions as well. As Timothy lays down the foundation to build the musical castle the others join in to complete the construction, then the drawbridge opens up and all the wonderful sounds come flowing and rushing at your senses, making you feel alive and energized." Keith Hannaleck, Zone Music Reporter


Over the last few years, Timothy Wenzel has become one of my favorite New Age Artists. His music is perfect for meditation or my morning or evening yoga. It also just great to have on when I’m reading... A Jazzy, Proggy New Age Safari


Imbued with both genuine sweetness and subtle drama, the 12 tracks will reward the listener from start to finish.  Retailing Insight Magazine