1 Rain Coming Down

It is a cold November evening and rain is falling in the city. Lights reflect off the wet streets, passersby hurry along the sidewalk, their multicolored umbrellas a rainbow in the night. The sound of splashing: Rain Coming Down.

photo art

song art: Wenzel

2 River Serene

The stillness of the river belies its eternal flow, evident by the passing shoreline. Stillness in motion. That is what we aspire to. It is the journey of our lives and we don’t know the destination. But for now, we float magically along The River Serene.

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3 Before the Rain

There is a stillness in the air; the wind ceases and the dark clouds gather. They are ominous yet they promise rejuvenation of land and spirit alike. You feel a sense of joy, hurrying for shelter from the inevitable storm. Then the rain comes, washing the world of its dust and discarded debris. As the rain abates so do the clouds. The sun appears and reveals a landscape, a spirit, renewed and refreshed. Nothing remains from Before the Rain.

photo art

song art: Wenzel

4 First Dance

For the first time, the eyes truly meet, creating a sense of excitement and joy like you have never felt. The hands meet and the bodies touch without realization and the dance begins. Enraptured, only you and your new-found love exist on the dance floor. The tempo rises, the heart beats faster and faster before the music slowly subsides. It is the magic of the First Dance.

 song art: Risq ICE www.facebook.com/ice1215q and ice1215q.deviantart.com


5 A Midnight Rose

The Rose: the timeless signature of love.

Midnight: the time when quiet darkness envelopes and secludes lovers.

The first part of the song represents the rose, a romantic dance led by piano and guitar. The second part of the song is midnight, with the quiet yet touching entrance of the violin.

In the final part, these two themes come together as one, representing the meeting of two lovers. A Midnight Rose.


















song art: Wenzel

6 Such A Long Time

This is a song of complicated origin, inspired in part by the story Hamlet and Ophelia. The lyrics of the bridge part of the song are:

I fell from that ancient willow tree
into the River of Truth
I lay down my head on my pillow
and drown in the Fountain of You

A vocal version of the song has now been made with my good friend and extraordinary singer Anne Cozean (click here).

image: unattributed

7 Winter's Light

This song was written in the depths of winter. I wrote this poem to describe it:

The darkness of winter tears at the soul
Loneliness follows and soon takes its toll
Dark is the pathway I walk in the night
Searching for comfort: my warm Winter's Light

Song art

song art: Wenzel

8 The Night Train

The instrumentation in this song mimics a train journey, the clacking of the wheels on the tracks, the rhythm of the engine, the lonely whine of the train whistle far away. The journey is through the darkness of night, when dreams sweep across your soul. Your destination is unknown. The Night Train: let it take you where it will.


Image credit: Brian Garwick


9 A Twilight Pause

Sometimes at dusk when the wind has died and all is silent, there comes strange feeling of introspection, of awareness. It is a rare and magical experience, when time stands still. It is a journey of sorts, the reverie inspired by a Twilight Pause.

song art

song art: Wenzel

10 The Bridge to Our Dreams

Who or what leads you into the dream world, during that time when you are neither awake nor asleep. Sounds become magical and music bonds with your soul in a way you have never experienced before. You do not travel this bridge alone, your unknown guide sweeps you away into a state that you do not fear. Indeed you yearn for this magical stillness, visions arise, the music soars and emotions profoundly touch your heart as you cross the Bridge to Our Dreams.

song art

song art: Wenzel