Timothy Wenzel

American-born artist Timothy Wenzel writes and plays highly engaging electro-acoustic Contemporary Instrumental/New Age/Celtic music. His music is undoubtedly among most melodic in the New Age genre, infusing hauntingly beautiful themes into enticing motifs of softly rhythmic instrumentals.


"Timothy Wenzel has just the right phrasing for the journey of passion he has produced. His mixture of the natural world and the emotional world seems to blend seamlessly into a work that is listenable at any given time. His instrumentals are focused, inviting, but most of all, expressive." RJ Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews.


Six albums rapidly ascended into the top 10 of the prestigious ZMR top 100 international air play chart. In fact, the widely-applauded Running Away held the coveted #1 spot in the ZMR charts for February and March 2019. It features the talents of Josie Quick, Jill Haley, Jeff Haynes and Corin Nelsen. The eighth album, Dusk to Diamonds, will be released early in 2020.


Timothy is a former Ph.D. chemist who radically changed direction in life by pursuing his other passion: music. He is also a weather geek, photographer and struggling sailboat racer.


Excerpt from RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter: "... His first album, Mountains Take Wing, is twelve tracks of Nordic/Celtic music that allows the listeners to climb to the apex, take the cold chill of despair away  and allows our minds to journey far and beyond the limits of the physical... This is my first encounter with Timothy Wenzel and I like it. His music is gentle, but there is a quiet power behind his compositions. It made me want to hear much more from this audio alchemist. Perhaps he will change more notes into gold."



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