American-born artist Timothy Wenzel is "one of the 21st century’s truly talented and prolific keyboardists/pianists". He writes and plays highly engaging Contemporary Instrumental/New Age/Celtic music, often inviting genre-leading guest musicians to help bring his songs to the pinnacle of sonic majesty. Moreover, his music is undoubtedly among most melodic in the New Age genre, infusing hauntingly beautiful themes into his entrancing creations. "Timothy Wenzel has just the right phrasing for the journey of passion he has produced. His mixture of the natural world and the emotional world seems to blend seamlessly into a work that is listenable at any given time. His instrumentals are focused, inviting, but most of all, expressive." RJ Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews. His albums rapidly ascend into the top 10 of the prestigious ZMR 100 international air play chart. In fact, the widely-applauded Running Away held the coveted #1 spot for two consecutive months, a rare and applaudable achievement! His latest album will be released in early 2021.