Album overview

The new album with Anne Cozean vocalist!


photo of Anne and Tim


Timothy Wenzel is an accomplished keyboard artist and songwriter with five albums of instrumental New Age music to his credit. In this recent EP release, talented singer Anne Cozean's warm and earthy vocals add an entirely new facet.

Such A Long Time is a song inspired by Ophelia and Hamlet. Lyrics were written by both Timothy and Anne. Style: Adult Contemporary

This Man of Mine was inspired by an unforgettable experience of Timothy's: "A spring storm had blown through the high mountains of West Virginia, leaving in its wake a living and vibrant landscape, brilliantly lit by the sun. The forests were a thin haze of green and the red buds and wild flowers were ablaze with color. Driving on a back road through this verdant countryside, I came across a cemetery with a freshly closed grave. Beside it kneeled a young woman, weeping openly. I will never forget this." Style: Americana, Folk

Icarus is a powerful and rebellious twist on the original legend, with love inspiring a new ending. Style: Adult Contemporary

Falling is creatively dark, with expressive and emotional lyrics that touch the heart. Style: Adult Contemporary

Christopher's Dreams is a lighthearted and delightful seasonal song about the magic of dreams. Style: Adult Contemporary

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