Summon the Wind

Timothy Wenzel

"...haunting, relaxing, refreshing and catchy, once again showcasing the talent of this leading new age composer..." - Janet Mawdesley

The fourth album in the series, Summon the Wind expands the breadth of styles heard on his previous three albums: Mountains Take Wing, A Coalescence of Dreams and River Serene. Ranging from the deeply Celtic songs Mariner's Lament and Peace to My Lady to the more lively Elven Dance and Tesla's Dream, this journey covers more compositional styles than ever before. Retained, however, is the penchant for memorable melodies and thoughtful themes. Mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer Corin Nelsen. From RJ Lannon (Zone Music Reporter review of Mountains Take Wing): "His album, Mountains Take Wing, is twelve tracks of Nordic/Celtic music that allows the listeners to climb to the apex, take the cold chill of despair away and allows our minds to journey far and beyond the limits of the physical... This is my first encounter with Timothy Wenzel and I like it. His music is gentle, but there is a quiet power behind his compositions. It made me want to hear much more from this audio alchemist. Perhaps he will change more notes into gold." From BlueWolf Reviews (River Serene): "...As you drift though the music there is the distinct feeing of a man at peace, at one with his music: the notes flowing from his fingers through the medium of the keyboard. Fascinating, evocative, drifting to the level where it becomes difficult to separate the creator from the music – all is one, one is all. Using the river as a metaphor for life, that of a stream or force constantly moving onward, his new creation reflects so much more about the man involved in the creation of the music than ever before. Captured is a sense of peace, of harmony in his surrounding and the mellow almost hypnotic essence of the timelessness of the river, ever flowing onward to the sea. Each piece has been composed with a specific emotion in mind: that of freedom of spirit, love, joy, reflection and intimacy and each will appeal in the same manner. The music wraps around you as if in a dream, soft and silken to the touch but always transitory, illusive and mysterious."

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