What We Hold Dear

Timothy Wenzel

Twelve contemporary instrumental songs that nourish the heart and touch the soul, ranging from beautifully haunting to decidedly upbeat.

What DO we hold dear? Composer and instrumentalist Timothy Wenzel offers some of his own feelings, in the form of twelve instrumental pieces that explore themes such as those whom we love, nature, the magic of the unknown and unexpected, dreams and imagination. Ranging from deeply introspective to playful, these songs can truly touch your soul. Reviewer RJ Lannan (Zone Music Reporter) said Timothy’s first album, Mountains Take Wing “is twelve tracks of Nordic/Celtic music that allows the listeners to climb to the apex, take the cold chill of despair away and allows our minds to journey far and beyond the limits of the physical.” What We Hold Dear is Timothy’s sixth solo album. With guest artists Josie Quick (violin), Jordan Schug (cello) and Sarah Joerz (vocals). Mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer Corin Nelsen.

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